Where Can I Buy White Eggs In the UK?

Where Can I Buy White Eggs In the UK?

Every year I hear myself asking the question ‘Where Can I Buy White Eggs In the UK?’ and every year I end up doing a last minute desperate Google search.  So this year I thought I would share my experiences of trying to hunt down white eggs which I hope will be useful to others.

Why Do You Want White Eggs?

For all the great egg decorating arts and crafts that you can find on Pinterest of course!

So What’s The Deal With Buying White Eggs In The UK?

If you live in the USA you probably are used to having lovely white eggs in every store, however in Britain, they are ‘scarcer than hen’s teeth’ (excuse the pun).  Nearly all shops in the UK sell only brown eggs.  Why is this?  Do they taste better? Do they contain more nutrients?  The answer is no.  To find out why this is the case we need to go back in time to the 1970’s.


Up until this point white eggs were more popular in the UK, but then there was a change in consumer tastes.  Egg buyers started to want more brown eggs due to the misconception that brown eggs would be healthier for you (much like brown bread is a healthier option than white).  However, this is not true of eggs as there is absolutely no nutritional difference.  So now nearly all egg producers in the UK breed brown hens which lay brown eggs.

So Where Can I Buy White Eggs In the UK?

Hooray!  Yes there is!  Good old Marks & Spencer do white duck eggs which are perfect for egg decorating.  They are lovely large eggs which actually have a pink hue to them but after they are hard boiled they go bright white!


Where Can I Buy White Eggs In the UK?
Marks and Spencer sell white duck eggs.


But The White Eggs Have A Horrible Big Pink Stamp On Them!

Don’t panic, any pink stamp will completely fade away during the boiling stage.  I can speak from experience that this will happen so as long as you are willing to hard boil the eggs this will not cause any you any problems.  Interestingly you can enter the product code on your egg onto the LionEggFarms webpage and it will tell you where your egg has come from!  You can also get more information about everything egg related from double yolkers to freezing eggs at EggInfo.

If you live in the UK and know of other locations to buy white eggs please let others know by leaving a comment.


Where Can I Buy White Eggs In the UK?
After boiling the pink eggs turn white and the pink date stamp disappears.



Now, go forth and shop…

Happy white eggs hunting!


—  Bunny xox


P.S. If you want to see what i used my white eggs for them check out these tutorials…




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