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Vintage Lady In Hat

Vintage Lady In Hat

Vintage Lady In Hat Simple and clean, this very versatile image of a Vintage Lady In a Hat can be used in …

Vintage Shoes and Boots

Victorian Footwear illustrations

Victorian Footwear illustrations Here is another sheet of Victorian footwear, this time Victorian footwear illustrations. This is my third sheet of vintage …

Vintage Shoes Graphic

Vintage Shoe Illustrations

Vintage Shoe Illustrations Here are some vintage shoe Illustrations for you to create with.  You can find more shoes here The vintage …

Vintage Shoes Graphic

Victorian Vintage Shoes Images

Victorian Vintage Shoes Images Hi all, a girl can never have too many shoes!  Here are some lovely Victorian vintage shoes images. …

Helmets Historical Image

Historical Helmets Illustration

Hi Quirky illustration showing some historical army helmets.  I’ll be interested to see what any you can use them for. If you …

Headdresses 18th Century Image

18th Century Headdresses

Heavens above! Could you imagine trying to do the school run with these hairstyles to conquer before you leave the house!  They …

English Historical Headdresses Image

English Historical Headdresses

English Historical Headdresses This time a quirky little collection of images of some fashionable English historical headdresses.  Not sure what you can …

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