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Rubber Stamp Vintage Image

Vintage Date Stamp Illustration

Vintage Date Stamp Illustration Hi all, here is a great high quality image of a vintage date stamp illustration which will be …

Ruler Vintage Image

Folding Ruler Vintage Illustration

Folding Ruler Vintage Illustration Hi there,  here is a nice clean folding ruler vintage illustration.  This would be good for making cards …

Shield Of Achilles Image

Shield Of Achilles

Greetings everyone, Time for some history… this is the ‘Shield of Achilles’. In Homer’s epic Iliad this is the shield that the …

Vintage Ships

Ships Illustration

Ships Illustration Beautiful black and white ships illustration.  The image is available as a JPEG or in a PNG format (with a …

Religious Paintings Various Sizes

Religious Imagery Collage Sheet

Hi all, Highly intricate religious imagery collage sheet with blue hues that I adore.  I have included a bevelled edge version as …

Religious Circles Vintage Images

Religious Circles

Hi everyone, Some gorgeous colors incorporated into these religious circles collage sheet.  I have made and extra version with a bevelled edge …

Religious Imagery Rectangles

Religious and Historical Paintings

Hi everyone, These are religious historical paintings with the most vibrant colors, particularly the blue hues. Some are sacred and some are …

Watch & Clockworks Vintage Images

Watch and Clockworks Illustrations

Watch and Clockworks Illustrations Here are some watch and clockworks illustrations which would be useful if you’re into Steampunk arts and crafts.  …

Vintage Pram Image

Vintage Prams Graphic

Vintage Prams Graphic Howdy, take a look at the vintage prams graphic, weren’t Victorian prams huge!  I wouldn’t like to try getting …

Vintage Pianos

Vintage Pianos

Hi, My favorite instrument is the piano, here are a couple of vintage piano images of for download. If you like these …

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