DIY Gift Box Printable

DIY Gift Box Printable

This is a lovely DIY Gift Box Printable with a ‘retro spotty’ feel to its design, perfect to use as a favor box.  Just print it onto some cardboard, cut it out and assemble.  All you need is some scissors and glue.  I used 210gsm card and Mod Podge to make the box below and it worked well.

Included in the download link under the image below is a PDF file which includes the gift box  template and a second page of instructions. It’s super easy to assemble and yet it looks so stylish.

Why not pop a few delicious chocolates in this great little box and show someone how much you appreciate them with a simple gesture.

DIY Gift Box Printable
DIY Gift Box Printable


To download the ‘DIY Gift Box Printable’  in a high resolution (300 dpi) print version, visit Dropbox using the blue link below.  You do not need a Dropbox account to download this file.

The gift box is free for personal use but if in doubt check out the Terms page.


Stay happy by getting crafty!
—Bunny x






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