Dodo Illustration

Dodo Illustration

‘Wake me up before you Dodo’ Gosh that joke was really terrible, but the free Dodo Illustration is much better. Let’s celebrate the demise of the poor Dodo with this charming Dodo illustration.  I have included an image with and without a bevelled edged edge and a choice of background colors for your convenience.

If you like the antique image you can download a high quality (300 dpi) print version from Dropbox using the blue link below.  You do not need a Dropbox account to download this file.

The Dodo drawing is free for personal use but if in doubt check out the Terms page.

Please feel free to share this webpage with other creative people whom you think would like to download the image.


Be happy by getting crafty!
—Bunny x


Dodo Illustration
Dodo Illustration






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