Plan-a-holic Printable Lists

Plan-a-holic Printable Lists

I love to make lists!  Lists about everything…things to do, shopping to buy, alternate dimensions to save from evil doers! So these Plan-a-holic printable lists are a must for me.

So if you’re like most women and have a million different things to remember to do before lunch I hope you may also find these fun planners and list printables helpful.

Plan-a-holic Printable Lists
Plan-a-holic Printable Lists

As well as two colour planners I have included two printer-ink friendly black and white versions.  Just select the pages you want to print from the downloadable PDF.

To download the Planaholic Printables in a high resolution (300 dpi) print version, visit Dropbox using the blue link below.  You do not need a Dropbox account to download this file.

The printables are free for personal use but if in doubt check out the Terms page.


Happy planning!
—Bunny x




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