Santa Letter Printable Template

Santa Letter Printable Template

Season’s Greetings, here is a Santa letter printable template that you can print out for your little ones to let Santa know what they are wishing to receive at Christmas.  They can then post it off to the North Pole in time for Santa’s Christmas deliveries!

Your little ones can fill out their wish list and tick the boxes to let Santa know how good or how naughty they have been!  They can also fill in the field to let Santa know what lovely food will be left out on Christmas eve for him and Rudolph to eat.   There is also an area set aside to draw a picture for Santa, something that every child will enjoy, especially if they are very young and still learning to write.

To download the Santa letter in high resolution (300 dpi) print version, visit Dropbox using the blue link below.  You do not need a Dropbox account to download this file.  Remember to print the letter at full size without any percentage scaling in your printer settings.

The letter is free for personal use but if in doubt check out the Terms page.


Merry Christmas!
—Bunny x


Santa Letter Printable Template
Santa Letter Printable Template








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